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Managing Worry and Building Positivity

Because pregnancy and the postpartum period is a time of huge change, it can often bring with it some anxiety and worry. In this section, learn what to watch out for and find tips and tools to boost your positive emotions. 

Click on the video below to hear what our research found about stress management in motherhood. 

Mental Health During Pregnancy and Beyond

No matter where you are on your journey in pregnancy and motherhood there are people who will listen, understand and help you get the support you need. Dr. Sabrina Coyle, Senior Clinical Psychologist in Specialist Perinatal Mental Health in the Coombe hospital, talks about looking after your mental health during pregnancy and beyond. This video is part of the inter-agency Minding Me perinatal mental health initiative.

Cultivating Joy

In this video, Dr Jolanta Burke talks about joy and the benefits of experiencing joy during  motherhood. She shares some practical tools to help you experience more joy in your daily life.   

Here are some articles on finding more joy in the small things:

Maintaining a Sense of Self During Motherhood

Watch this video with Sophie Rowan to learn about identity and practical ways you can stay connected to your strengths during motherhood   

Here is some additional material to support you to maintain your sense of self during motherhood:

Transitioning Back to Work

In the below video, Dr Mary Collins talks about returning to work after maternity leave and shares some practical tips to make this transition easier. 

Her Shoes Videos

The below videos were produced by the Minding Me Kildare and West Wicklow interagency working group for the Dublin South, Kildare and West Wicklow Perinatal Mental Health Stigma Reduction Campaign ‘Her Shoes’, which was launched for World Maternal Mental Health Day in May 2021. Click on each to hear women's stories about their mental health during motherhood. 

Amy's Story

Lititia's Story

Michelle's Story

Knowing when to reach out for help

While some women experience some negative emotions during pregnancy and after giving birth, it is important to know what to look out for and when to reach out for help. Here are a few helpful exercises taken from the HSE Postpartum Workbook. Click here to go to the Additional Services and Resources page where you can find a list of support services. 

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